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What Are NFL Cheerleaders Worth? Inside Their Fight for Minimum Wage

Business Week published What Are NFL Cheerleaders Worth? Inside Their Fight for Minimum Wage, taking a look at the NFL cheerleader disputes from a financial perspective.

As the plaintiffs pile on, fans are learning that the most powerful sports league in the U.S., with $9.7 billion in annual revenue, pays its sideline performers worse than the average birthday clown or barista. “It’s giving the league a black eye,” says Paul Secunda, a professor of labor law at Marquette University. “There’s no need for them to act this way.” The self-inflicted damage comes at a time when the league’s handling of a domestic violence case involving former Baltimore Raven Ray Rice isn’t helping its credibility with women.

Use Your Email Signature to Grow Your Business

The Intuit Small Business Blog published Use Your Email Signature to Grow Your Business, discussing what to put in and keep out of your email signature.

Some people get carried away “accessorizing” their email signatures. Avoid images (such as photos of yourself or your product); many email systems automatically strip these away, anyway or turn them into oddball attachments.

While were on the topic of email, The Art of the E-Mail Subject Line via Business Week is worth taking a look at.

Fix a Strained Business Partnership Now

Business Week published Fix a Strained Business Partnership Now. This article talks about the importance of creating a partnership agreement and putting it in writing. It also touches on some of the topics that need to be addressed in the partnership agreement.

When, Why, and How to Fire That Customer

Business Week published When, Why, and How to Fire That Customer. This is an old article, but a great read about evaluating each customer to determine if they are really helping or hurting the bottom line and your business.

Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend

Despite working wonders for Wal-Mart, Business Week points out Low Prices Are Not Always Your Friend. The article points out price is an indicator of value, higher prices are necessary for long term success, and you are not Wal-Mart.

The Customer Isn’t Always Right

Business Week published The Customer Isn’t Always Right. The article is worth reading in it’s entirety, but can be summed up by the last paragraph:

That, in a nutshell, sums up why you should always take the voice of the customer with a grain of salt. Customers can offer valuable and insightful information, to be sure, but they ultimately work for themselves, not you. There’s nothing cynical or antagonistic about that; it’s simply the way the marketplace works. The more you know about their interests, the better you’ll be able to act in your own interests, keeping the invisible hand working for us all.