7 Ways To Value Yourself Beyond Social Media

Glenn Llopis published 7 Ways To Value Yourself Beyond Social Media on Forbes. The simplified version is:

  1. Don’t Rely Solely on Social Media to Define Your Self-Worth
  2. Don’t Compare Yourself to Others
  3. Believe You Can Be More Valuable
  4. Be Honest With Yourself
  5. Manage Your Personal Brand or Someone Else Will
  6. Associate Yourself with the Right People
  7. Trust Yourself

Social Media Marketing From A to Z

Melinda F. Emerson published Social Media Marketing From A to Z on You’re the Boss. Emerson discusses revamping your social media efforts as the new year begins and we felt the information was appropriate as the school year resumes and the cheer season really gets started.

Social media can be a great equalizer for small businesses. It used to be that guy who had the most advertising dollars was usually going to win. These days, people are much less interested in being sold; they are looking for useful information, and if you have some to offer, you have the opportunity to build a relationship.

When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for You

You’re the Boss published When Social Media Marketing Doesn’t Work for You, discussing the how and where to start with a social media plan.

  • Invest in a Real Web Site
  • Know Your Keywords
  • Use a Listening Strategy
  • Start Blogging
  • Share Helpful Content

Social Media Interaction


Social Media is interactive, making it part marketing and part customer service. The marketing part of it comes from using social media tools to let the world know about you and your products, services, and events. It’s a great way to broadcast and share information similar to traditional advertising outlets. The interactive part is what makes it part customer service.

Any time you are interacting with your customers, and more specifically, any time your customers are interacting with you, you are providing customer service. Don’t make the mistake of not continuing the interaction. Don’t ignore the feedback and questions you get via social media as your customers will interpret that as you ignoring them and their input.

5 Ways to Promote Your Business Blog Posts

The Intuit Small Business Blog published 5 Ways to Promote Your Business Blog Posts. This article gives 5 straightforward tips to driving more viewers to your blog:

  1. Start a Newsletter
  2. Use Social Media
  3. Email High-Profile Bloggers
  4. Comment on Other People’s Blogs
  5. Link to Your Previous Blog Posts

Is Social Media a Waste of Time?

Forbes published Is Social Media a Waste of Time?. Although I think social media is a worthwhile investment, I also believe it’s good to have different perspectives.

Most PR professionals and small businesses constantly search for the magic social media app. Like Ponce de Leon’s quest for the fountain of youth, it’s folly. There’s no magic click that makes reporters read your pitch and write stories about you or your client. For the majority of public relations activities, specifically media relations, social media is a waste of time.

5 Small-Business Tasks to Outsource

The Intuit Small Business Blog published 5 Small-Business Tasks to Outsource. The article lists the types of things that can be done by others to give you more time to develop your business. Intuit’s list was:

  1. Data Entry
  2. Web Production
  3. Social Media Promotion
  4. Outreach Efforts
  5. Email Management

Monitoring the Private Lives of Your Employees

I read an article in the New York Times titled Monitoring the Private Lives of Your Employees which made me wonder how much monitoring is appropriate and how it should be done. Many employers have policy’s regarding the image an employee portrays on social networks, but how far should those policies go? As a gym owner should you monitor your employees’ social interactions with your gym families or ban interaction altogether? Should you allow your employees to be “friends” with athletes at the gym or should you require your staff to keep their social media lives separate. Should you take the opposite approach and require everyone that works for you to be you friend on sites like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter? These are questions you’ll have to think about and answer to make sure your business is represented in the manner you desire.